“Modernized, smart, and open government”

  • We have modernized daily operations and kept county government affordable
  • We rebuilt the 911 Emergency radio system and the Joint dispatch center, making it modern and efficient.
  • We replaced and modernized the Health Dept building
  • We renovated the UW Manitowoc County Campus

"I do not accept Campaign Donations from PAC's, Special Interest groups, or people doing business with Manitowoc County Government"

  • My focus is the actual residents of our County
  • I don't accept campaign money from 'special interest' groups looking for an advantage with a 'pet project'
  • I don't accept campaign money from people looking to do business or doing business with Manitowoc County Government

“Holding the line on taxes”

  • While continuing to deliver high quality services
  • Keeping taxes low, while always looking forward, and answering to the taxpayers
  • I oppose adding a County Sales Tax - I am not for taking $6 million more dollars from the hard working residents who earned it and are struggling to make ends meet
  • I have stood up for hardworking taxpayers my entire career, amplifying their voice!

“Growing our Economy”

  • Focus on the Future, embrace changing markets
  • Businesses are seek out well-run local government that is efficient, effective, and not wasteful
  • Major business investments in our County!
  • Business Growth!
  • Business Expansion, More Jobs!
  • Employees want to work in communities that are recreational, safe, and embrace modernization
  • We renovated the UW center, providing our young talent with affordable, high quality college educational options
  • County unemployment lowered to just 2.9 % !!!

“Customer Service & Responsiveness”

  • I am responsive. Call me or write me, anytime - Whether we agree or disagree on an issue, I will always respond to you promptly
  • My management style prioritizes accountability, respect, and customer service

“Problem Solving”

  • I’m a small businessman by training with 30 years of experience
  • Led the successful agreement between Meijer and the County to locate here, increase our tax base, and create up to 300 new jobs
  • We moved the ADRC and the Veterans service operations to the Heritage center for system modernization, and increased efficiency and customer service

“Keeping debt low”

  • We have kept Manitowoc County’s debt very low and the county also has a robust capital improvement plan and facility maintenance program
  • Despite $27 Million of modernization, technology and necessary building improvements, our Debt is only 4% of our budget!!!
Bob Ziegelbauer Signing
Bob Ziegelbauer Parade