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Manitowoc County parks benefit quality of life | Bob Ziegelbauer

In the southeast part of the county, we have Fisher Creek and Point Creek parks north of Cleveland in Centerville between county trunk highway LS and Lake Michigan. Both of these parks feature bird-watching trails and long beach fronts with picturesque views of Lake Michigan.

UW-Manitowoc's renovation project complete

MANITOWOC (WLUK) -- A $7 million renovation project at the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc is complete. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the newly renovated Founders Hall Wednesday. The building hadn't been significantly updated since 1962.

UW-Manitowoc $7M renovation: Public invited to see new spaces March 7

MANITOWOC - A ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by an open house celebrating the completion of a $7 million UW-Manitowoc renovation project

Why Manitowoc County doesn't help fund Progress Lakeshore

Let me tell you a story. It’s a story people don’t like to tell, because it’s about secrets. Once upon a time (2005-2008), we at the county were a member of Progress Lakeshore. At that time, it was called the Economic Development Corporation of Manitowoc County.

Bob Ziegelbauer: Why we hold the line on taxes

We have been working together with the county board to make decisions to hold to two important priorities: continuing to hold the line on property taxes while delivering high quality services. The two go hand-in-hand.

Manitowoc Public Library marks Thursday re-opening with ribbon-cutting

More than 20 people attended the ribbon-cutting and took part in a celebratory cake in honor of the library's new hours of operation, which includes Thursdays for the first time in the past three years.

Manitowoc County leadership intact with Bob Ziegelbauer as executive

This letter is a response to that of former Manitowoc County Supervisor Mark Kopecky in which he harshly criticizes County Executive Bob Ziegelbauer.

Manitowoc County's economic development is 'soaring'

Manitowoc County supports and helps create economic development in our entire community every single day.

Manitowoc County drug court combats opioid crisis

The whole community is combating the opioid crisis. What is this and how did it start?

Brown County Sales Tax Example

"I believe that if Manitowoc County had the optional county sales tax, the take from non residents will be much lower than in Brown County's case."

UW-Manitowoc renovation continues to add prestige to community | Bob Ziegelbauer

In late 2016, Manitowoc County approved funding of $5 million for a renovation of the original building, Founder’s Hall, built in 1962.

Manitowoc Mayor Justin Nickels, County Exec Bob Ziegelbauer trade views on 0.5% sales tax

In a recent email to the Manitowoc County Board of Supervisors, Manitowoc Mayor Justin Nickels used a recent report...

Bob Ziegelbauer Responds to Mayor Nickels

County Executive Bob Ziegelbauer Responds to Mayor Nickels on County Sales Tax.

Bob Ziegelbauer: 0.5% sales tax 'not needed,' 'wasteful,' 'regressive,' 'hard to cancel'

I oppose the proposed one-half-of-one-percent sales tax increase for Manitowoc County.

Manitowoc County executive says he would veto 0.5% sales tax

County Executive Bob Ziegelbauer reaffirmed Monday his commitment to veto any resolution from the Manitowoc County Board that would establish a 0.5 percent sales tax.

Manitowoc County residents mixed on 0.5% sales tax

Public opinion about a proposed 0.5 percent sales tax was split during Monday’s public input session for the Manitowoc County Finance Committee.

Manitowoc County approves 2018 budget, sets tax levy at $29.7 million

The Manitowoc County 2018 budget was approved without amendments.

Manitowoc County public input sessions to mull possible 0.5% sales tax

The sales tax could create an additional $6 million for Manitowoc County, Comptroller Todd Reckelberg's estimates show.

Two Rivers' new HFM Lakefront Campus could be catalyst for growth, city leaders say

One-stop medical care has arrived on the lakeshore, and the community is ready.

Manitowoc County budget prioritizes roads, bridges, taxes | Bob Ziegelbauer Bob Ziegelbauer, Manitowoc County executive

The budget I proposed to the county board for 2018 continues to modernize operations for Manitowoc County while holding the line on taxes for the 12th year in a row. Under my proposal, the typical property taxpayer will see a slight decrease in the property tax paid to Manitowoc County. This is continued good news for taxpayers.

Manitowoc County's proposed 2018 budget: 6 things to know

MANITOWOC - The proposed 2018 county budget would “hold the line” for the 12th year in a row with a slight decrease in property taxes on average for Manitowoc County property owners.

Prevea Manitowoc Health Center holds ribbon-cutting, set to open Monday

MANITOWOC - A new Prevea Manitowoc Health Center was unveiled with an open house and ribbon-cutting Wednesday.

Manitowoc County Board supervisors vote to increase their own pay

MANITOWOC - Almost half the supervisors who attended Tuesday’s county board meeting opposed a change in the pay structure for board members that results in the first raise in compensation since 2004 for county supervisors.

County executive says no to raising county board salaries

MANITOWOC – In a letter sent to each of the 25 county board supervisors, County Executive Bob Ziegelbauer said a recent proposal to raise the compensation received by county board supervisors is “senseless” and “excessive.”

Manitowoc council seeks state consideration of city sales tax

 Manitowoc Common Council wants the state to consider allowing municipalities to enact a 0.5 percent sales tax, just as it does for counties.

Manitowoc County Finance Committee will consider 0.5 percent sales tax

Estimates show the sales tax could bring in an additional $6 million for Manitowoc County.

Petition to reverse order in Fiscal Concierge Ponzi scheme rejected

Gregory Anderson, an accountant implicated in a $3.6M Ponzi scheme with Manitowoc business Fiscal Concierge, had petitioned the court.

'Holding the line' on taxes a valuable thing | Bob Ziegelbauer

Manitowoc County, we work hard to hold the line on taxes. From time to time, I get "poo-pooed" for this, but I think it’s a valuable part of our mission.

County sales tax increase 'Robbing Peter to pay Paul' | Bob Ziegelbauer

What's yours is ours? Well, not so fast. We are so accustomed to our taxes being raised almost every year that it’s easy for elected officials and community leaders to make it seem "normal."

Bob Ziegelbauer: 0.5 percent tax for roads not needed

I agree! May 23, the mayor published an article that characterized my involvement, actions and positions on the concept of increasing the sales tax to raise extra money for roads and infrastructure.

Bob Ziegelbauer: Honoring sacrifices made for freedom

In the Bible, John the Evangelist tells us that “greater love has no man than that he lay down his life for his friends.”

Hospital accountability needed

There's a famous quote that basically says "when you don't like the facts, try to silence and attack the witness."

UW-Manitowoc a great bargain | Bob Ziegelbauer

The University of Wisconsin has had a presence in Manitowoc County since 26 students took a UW English course at the old Vocational School on Clark Street in Manitowoc in 1933.

County exec: Manitowoc's alarming drug crisis

Why us, in good ol’ Manitowoc County? Aren’t we pretty much the same as our neighbors in Sheboygan and Green Bay and their counties? I always figured we were all pretty similar — cities and towns not too big or small, average populations, pretty good economy, good schools, low crime, similar demographics and overall nice places to live, with nice people ... truly great locations near Lake Michigan in east central Wisconsin. That’s what our three counties have in common.

County exec: Debt and capital projects

From time to time, I get questions about the debt load in Manitowoc County government and why we would borrow money for projects this year.