Bob's Fast Facts:

✓ Born and raised in Manitowoc
✓ Small business owner for 30 years
✓ Homeowner
✓ Roncalli High School
✓ Notre Dame BBA
✓ University of Pa. - Wharton MBA
✓ Teacher - Silver Lake College (81-87)
✓ Manitowoc City Finance Director 1984-89
✓ Wisconsin State Representative 1993-2012
✓ Manitowoc County Executive 2006 - present
Meet Bob

Bob's Story

Bob has put people first throughout his entire career. He's accomplished this through hard work, perseverance, working through disagreements and striving for fairness. His particular focus has always been on families, children, economic development, seniors, poverty, and reducing the burden of taxation. At Manitowoc County modernization has been the key to "holding the line on taxes" and serving our customers.

Bob Ziegelbauer Speaking

"I truly appreciate the trust you have continuously placed in me."