Thank you Rick Gerroll for sharing your opinion:

"Dear Manitowoc County Voters,

Eric Sitkiewitz does not have the experience, education and training to manage 450 employees and a $67 million budget. I very much doubt he would be running if not for the financial support of some members of Progress Lakeshore who are mad at the County Executive and County Board who will not give them our tax dollars until they abide by the same open meetings law the state and county abide by or without the financial support of some of the senior executives of Holy Family Hospital who are also mad at the County Executive and board because we require fair and competitive healthcare for our people and openly talk about the opioid crisis and where the responsibility resides. I have never seen Eric at a County Board meeting expressing his opinion during the public comment period as do many others or heard him ever suggest a course of action on any issue. The County Executive along with 25 County Board members and 450 employees work and plan every day for the future of the County. We are in sound financial shape with maintenance plans for every aspect of our County including roads and bridges. I am the chairman of the County Board Highway committee and Eric has never, I repeat never asked me one thing about anything regarding county infrastructure and I've bought 2 vans and 2 pick-ups from him. Eric supports a sales tax that we don't need and if you don't want one you should call or email your County Supervisor and tell them because the Finance committee is working on it. Bob Ziegelbauer cares more about the tax payers and citizens of Manitowoc County than Progress Lakeshore, Holy Family Hospital and Eric Sitkiewitz combined and I implore you to vote for Bob April 3rd because there will likely be a low voter turnout and every vote is critical. I am the 21st District Supervisor and tell you the future is bright because of hardworking Bob, the 25 hardworking County Board members and 450 hardworking county employees."

Rick Gerroll (Facebook Post)